• Asia Infrastructure Corporation

    The Most Reliable Originator of Infrastructure Projects

  • Our Purpose

    Investing into infrastructure projects in emerging economies


    Being the most trustworthy project formulator for national partners


    • Project identification
    • Project formulation
    • Investment
    • Transactional assistance

    Value Proposition

    • Placing emphasis on the earliest stage projects
    • Finding out value-investment in infrastructure fields
    • Respecting local stakeholders
    • Integrating environmental, social and financial values


    We particularly appreciate initiatives and cooperation with:

    • Communities
    • Non Government Organizations
    • Research Institutes
    • Local Government Units
    Contact us for any projects which cannot be materialized by conventional approach.
  • Business

    Investing in the earliest stage project opportunities

    Restructuring distressed assets in infrastructure fields


    As project initiator

    Identifying project opportunities

    Structuring and formulating projects


    As developer

    Pioneering in very early stage projects

    Restructuring distressed assets in infrastructure fields


    As investor

    Conducting value-investment in infrastructure fields


    As Implementer

    Respecting local stakeholders

    Integrating environmental, social and financial values





  • People

    Kentaro Uryu

    Managing Partner of Uryu&Itoga


    • Managing Partner, Uryu & Itoga
    • Managing Director, U&I Advisory Service
    • Chairperson, U&I Advisory Service Vietnam
    • Previously Senior Adviser for Ministry of Justice, Vientam, appointed by JICA
    • Outside Director, ITOCHU Corporation
    • Conducting advisory for numerous overseas and large-scale investment projects by Japanese and international investors

    Shigetsugu Yamada

    Managing Director


    Tax Accountant

    • Managing Director, U & I Accounting Office
    • Director, U&I Advisory Services
    • Managing Director, U&I Advisory Services Beijing
    • Specialized in Project Finance, Structured Finance, Private Equity, Venture Capital, M&A and Restructuring, Business Turnarounds, Information Technology and Intellectual Property

    Yusuke Higaki


    Civil Engineer


    • Previously independent consultant Civil Engineer & Financial Analyst for UN organizations such as IFAD, FAO, UNDP, World Bank and ADB
    • Previously Senior Adviser for People's Committee of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
    •  Previously member for Country Portfolio Review and Evaluation, IFAD&UNDP, Vietnam
    • Previously Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in charge of large-scale public works
    • Partner and Country Manager in Japan, JCB Next Berhad, listed in Bursa Malaysia


  • Organization

    Asia Infrastructure Corporation is an Uryu & Itoga group company.


    Uryu & Itoga is:

    • A law firm in Japan
    • Established in 2005
    • Combining the strengths in legal and other services
    • Recognized in Japan, as well as China and Vietnam


    Asia Infrastructure Corporation is:

    • 100% owned by Uryu&Itoga Group
    • specialized in infrastructure investment

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